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Are you maximizing the capabilities of your email deployment platform?
Is it time for an email health check-up?


Are You Maximizing Marketing's Most Mature Digital Channel

Email has always provided brands a reliable way to message customers and prospects, but we all know that email marketing has many complexities that must be considered – deliverability, privacy and compliance key among them. The past two years have only increased the reliance on email as the foundation of omni-channel messaging strategies. If this rings true for your organization, it may be time for an email health check-up.

The Tekside PEER™ Review uses a proven methodology and leverages our over 20 years of email industry experience to assess the state of your email marketing ecosystem and gauge campaign performance. We also review your current objectives and capabilities, comparing them to industry best-practices and your competitors.

In as little as 30 days we can help you identify what’s working, and what’s not, and provide practical recommendations for future success.


Key Areas of Focus

Email Performance Review

Review email's current role as part of your marketing mix. Explore key drivers, past success, challenges and blockers. Complete a deliverability audit and CASL-compliance assessment.


MarTech Stack Evaluation


Complete an analysis of your current email Martech stack, data, system integrations, their overall setup and use. Review capabilities, competencies, and resource dependencies.


Data Analysis & Best Practices

Review your data acquisition strategy, evaluate your list hygiene and subscription management process. Review data-flows and ESP integration, identify automation opportunities.



Industry & Competitive Analysis

Highlight lessons from industry leaders and direct competitors. Provide a perspective on current trends  and campaigns utilized by industry competitors and industry leaders.


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To learn more about the Tekside PEER™ Review, drop us a note at or complete this form and we'll follow up with you within 24 hours to schedule a short introductory call. 

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