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The Tekside of your marketing team

We connect, bridge, automate, and make sense of increasingly complex MarTech ecosystems, using proven platform-agnostic process and technology.

Canada’s foremost expert on all things email marketing plus years of experience working with large brands in the US.

Email Marketing Campaign
People Reviewing a Email Marekting Campaign

We Build Solutions for

Your Ecosystem

Extend your Martech bench on demand. We have a wide range of knowledge in multiple email platforms. 

Email Sending Platforms. Salesforce, Oracle, Braze, Constant Contact, Mailchimp

Our Ecosystem

Enterprise level functionality without the high price tag or training regimen. A wide variety of integration and automation features are included.

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email marketing services

Email Strategy

Email strategy

Understand where you stand and how to get to the next level with our strategic expertise.

Email Strategy Building Blocks
Email Optimization

Email optimization

Optimize for each email client. Guarantee your email comes across the same for every customer.

Various Email Inbox
Email Automation

Email automation

Trigger emails or journeys based on customer behaviour, engagement or use of predictive AI.

Email Journeys

Email journeys

Create journeys that resonate with your customers. Omnichannel marketing journeys that make an impact.

Email Integration

Email integration

Leverage your data. Seamless coordination between platforms is key to a successful email marketing team. We can help.

Tekside Team Reviewing Analytics and Planning

Authority in
Email Operations

Optimized Operations

A team of seasoned email experts leveraging experience across multiple enterprise platforms helping marketers save time and get more out of their Martech spend.

Integration & Automation Expertise

Seamlessly integrate data across platforms and automate communications based on known customer data and real time behavioural interaction.

Leaders in Email

Prioritized roadmap

What you are doing well, what needs to be improved and how do you  improve it? Tekside are your step-by-step guides as you grow and scale your email.

Data-driven marketing

Contact your subscribers at the right time with the right content in the right context. Omnichannel marketing experts with a prioritization on data-driven marketing.

Email Roadmap and Automations

Automations & Journeys



  • Market & Competitive Insights

  • Prioritized Roadmaps

  • Database Architecture

  • Technology Advisors



  • Portals & Platforms

  • Salseforce Credentialed

  • Custom Tools

  • MicroServices Architecture



  • Campaign Management

  • Deliverability

  • Data & Automation

  • Platform support



  • Ecosystem Configuration

  • Connect Legacy Tech Platforms

  • API Expertise

  • Advanced CRM / CDP Knowledge


A cross-section of tech expertise with talent density. Add our Tekside team to your roster to extend your technical, operational and data capabilities.

  • Campaign Execution

  • UX and Custom Development

  • Skilled AI & Database Marketers

Leads at Tekside

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