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Is Your Email Marketing Program Set for Success


Email is complicated and there are many factors that can negatively affect deliverability, open, click-through and conversion rates. These factors may be outside of your expertise, but they are definitely not out of your control.

And we can help. 


Introducing Tekside's Email Operations Health Check

Leveraging our 20+ years of email industry experience, Tekside's Email Healthcheck begins by benchmarking your current deliverability performance, continues through a five-step process evaluation and finishes with an action plan to remedy any issues that are identified and optimize your email operations. 

To start, we’ll dive in and understand your email program’s objectives, benchmarking your current performance and review how you stack up to your competitors and peers. We’ll identify any areas of concern in your process and help you understand the benefits of any prescribed enhancements.


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During the diagnosis stage, Tekside will review the following five areas of focus and evaluate how your current process is impacting your benchmarked scores, and identify potential areas of improvement. 


Each area is evaluated and graded with a scorecard that pinpoints specific issues and provides recommendations for resolution. 


After completing the diagnosis, our team will provide you with a prioritized action-plan, complete with practical recommendations, direction for implementation, and a summary of expected benefits and improvements.

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List acquisition, management and hygiene are a fundamental part of an optimized email strategy. Is your subscriber list growing at the rate it could be? Are you hitting spam traps or sending to inactive subscribers? Build and manage your list in a smart, efficient way.



As your email program grows, any cracks in the foundation will have an increased presence and effect. Ensure your email environment is properly configured, from sending domain to authentication & security.  

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Email has a complex formula of checks and balances in order to land in a subscribers inbox. Are you managing your program correctly? Reputation, content, structure, engagement, and many others play a part in how your email is received. Make sure you know where you stand and how to improve.

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Are you managing your audience in a way that allows you to deliver highly targeted, relevant messages to customer segments? Has your data been structured to facilitate easy plug and play automations? Make the most of every email you send by having the data you need at the ready. Make it easy by automating.

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Does your email pass the test? How does your open rate, click rate and frequency compare to industry and competitors? Understand the nuances behind email design and how it can affect deliverability as well as subscriber engagement. Simple things often make a huge difference.


What You Get:

  • 5-10 actionable recommendations

  • Completed in 30 Days

  • Project Priced at $7,500

What Is Required of You: 

  • 1 hour stakeholder interview(s)

  • Platform access or demos

  • A few sample emails to a test list

  • 2 hour recommendations working session

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