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Enablement: Turning Strategy Into Activation

Over the last year, Marketing Masters has spent a lot of time talking about the importance of developing a clear strategy. Strategy is about what you should do (and not do). But the key to executing your strategy successfully is enablement, which involves getting all the components configured together properly, so you’re ready to act.

In the enablement phase, it’s critical to structure and configure both your tech and processes.

Enablement plays a major role in connecting Marketing to Development (Dev). Enablement involves connecting and facilitating the flow of data, while engineering the system for automation. Figure 1 below shows that enablement is an important part of the Marketing Triangle.

For example, email marketers typically preconfigure and automate a cross-section of email journeys in their email marketing platforms. Once configured, they are “always on” 24/7. Business rules monitor behavioural indicators and automatically direct those customers into a “prescribed contact treatment”. From our experience, 40%-60% of conversions can be generated through journey programs by getting the right message at the right time, to the right people.

Marketers should look for the best opportunities, and where the juice is worth the squeeze! In essence, enablement is about readiness and getting the house in order for future activation.

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