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Realize Change is Going to Continue to Happen

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

In today’s business world, disruption is inevitable and is going to continue. Whether it’s technological change, human change, or global change, disruption is constantly occurring. Disruption is not a new concept and it has without a doubt intensified in recent years. Creative destruction can be good for industries because it forces new ways of thinking and creates opportunities for companies who can find better ways to serve markets.

In the area of marketing, the pace of technological change is much faster than humans and organizations can digest. There are over 8,000 tech systems in the MarTech landscape in conjunction with major advances in cloud computing, data management and AI.

Disruption is the new reality - as marketers and business executives, we need to get used to thinking differently and adapt for the future. Business and marketing models are changing. The looming question is how are companies going to enable and activate all of this?

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